4 Steps to Present Better Data Stories Using AI

4 Steps to Present Better Data Stories Using AI

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Hello, and welcome to a another edition of the Tech for Finance Newsletter where we have:

1. 1 Tutorial - 4 Steps to Present Better Data Stories Using AI

2. 2 Expert resources - On mastering the 1-pager + FP&A Stories

3. 3 Tech tools - To help you improve your user journeys, outsource work to AI and capture form data

1/ 4 Steps to Present Better Data Stories Using AI

In this example I'm using Storyd.ai to create a presentation to show analysis of most profitable customers vs least profitable customers.

Step 1 - Sign up for a Storyd.ai account and then create a new story

You'll see there're some pre-set starters, but in this scenario we're starting a story from scratch.

Step 2 - Give your topic.

This is the instruction I gave:

"I work in a finance team, and I have been doing some customer revenue analysis. I want to present my findings from the analysis that shows most profitable customers cs least profitable customers

Step 3 - Edit your script

This is where you can tailor the text per slide that Storyd has generated. You can also use the selection on the left to choose the type of element you want to be shown on the slide, for example 'number'.

You'll also see that, because Storyd is focused on helping you tell better stories, that it's split the slides into themes like context, villian, despair, hero, plan and closing.

Using this framework will help make your presentation more convincing and improve your ability to influence.

Step 4 - Review your slides

Once the slides have been produced, you can then download as a PDF, or generate the PowerPoint deck (Pro).

You can also edit the colours, text and theme.

PRO - Additional features

If you've got the pro edition, you can also add charts that can contain your own, more detailed, data.

My assessment

I love how this tool will help you tell better stories with your presentations.

By breaking down your presentation into different elements of a story, you are increasing your impact when presenting.

However, there are improvements to be made in the script editor, and it's still a little bit tricky working with your own data.

The script that it generated was also quite a way away from the subject matter I wanted to present, so next time around I would provide a more detailed topic.

2/ Expert Resource

1. This week, I interviewed Christian Wattig from FP&A Prep. It was a great discussion where we covered everything including:

- FP&A Learning & Development

- Tips and tricks to speed up month-end

- The use cases of PowerPoint vs 1-pagers

- And much much more.

For the full podcast interview 'PowerPoint is Dead: How to Master the Art of the 1-Pager | Ep.028' go to the podcast here, and for the YouTube video go here

2. If you're looking to improve your storytelling and presentation skills, make sure to follow Soufyan Hamid on LinkedIn, and subscribe to his FP&A Stories newsletter here. You can also check out my podcast interview 'How to present like Netflix and make finance addictive' with Soufyan here.

3/ Tech Tools

1. Journey - Tell your story with tailored user journeys - learn more here.

2. Olympia - Support your business with a virtual AI team [Waitlist] - learn more here.

3. Semiform - Natural language form data capture for internal / external applications - learn more here.

IMPORTANT - Always read the data policy for any tools you try. If you’re ever unsure. Make sure your data, and any customer or supplier data is anonymised.

NOTE - I am not affiliated with any of the tools in this e-mail.

So that’s it for this week.

Until next time.



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