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5 Step Digital Acceleration Framework - 2022

2021 has been tough, with many FDs and CFOs reacting quickly to get a basic digital strategy in place. This eBook provides a detailed framework for optimising your digital strategy moving into 2022 so you can exceed both your personal and business goals.

What you'll find in this eBook:

  1. How to define strategic and operational digital objectives

  2. How to optimise existing systems

  3. How to upskill digital expertise within your team

  4. How to implement new systems

  5. How to lookout for future technologies

PLUS - Worksheets, decision charts and a BONUS communications framework.

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What People are Saying

“Great eBook and very relevant for finance leaders like me. There’s a great deal of well structured content, and the practical examples are excellent”


Chris Houghton - Group Finance Director - GBA Services

“Without being too techie, this framework strikes the right balance between messaging and examples. I’ve found the worksheets at the back particularly useful in mapping my own digital strategy.”


Geoff Baldock -Chief Financial Officer - StorMagic

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