TFF #016 - 7 Game-Changing ChatGPT Prompts - Broken Down

TFF #016 - 7 Game-Changing ChatGPT Prompts - Broken Down

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Hello, and welcome to a another edition of the Tech for Finance Newsletter, where we’re looking at some ChatGPT highlights from this week.

  • 4 Next Level ChatGPT Templates
  • 3 Fabulous Finance Use Cases for AutoGPT
  • BONUS - 9 Learnings from an FP&A Pro on Why AI won’t Replace Human Gut-Feel & Experience

4 Next-Level ChatGPT Templates

Link to today’s post with examples here.

They’ve saved me hours, if not days in the past 4 months.

1/ The Summariser

🤖 Prompt:

1. Detail

{Detailed text/notes}

2. Prompt

Act as a {job role with skill}. Using the above information, write a {content type} that follows the same format as the below example:

3. Example

{Enter an example you’ve written before}

❓ Why it works:

Giving ChatGPT a role + skill will improve response quality. By giving an example you are improving the accuracy of its output.

🗒 Use cases:

  • Converting meeting notes into summaries
  • Converting long text into Tweets
  • Reducing character counts

2/ The Converter

🤖 Prompt:

1. Template

Document Title [Write Document Title]

Introduction [Write introduction here]

Overview [Write overview here]

Overall Business Goals

  • [Goal 1]
  • [Goal 2]
  • [Goal 3]

{Etc - keep going until you’ve built your template}

2. Prompt:

Act as a {enter job role with skill}. Using the above template as a starting point, please produce a new {document type} using the below notes:

3. Notes

{Enter notes}

❓ Why it works:

Templates work like examples, but allow you to be more specific.

🗒 Use cases:

  • Converting responsibilities into job ads
  • Converting customer calls into action plans
  • Converting internal discussions into minutes

3/ The Scorer

🤖 Prompt:

Act as a {job role and skill} reviewing text and providing a scorecard.

There is a score for each of the following areas:

1/ {Metric 1} 2/ {Metric 2} 3/ {Metric 3} 4/ {Metric 4} 5/ {Metric 5} 6/ {Metric 6} 7/ {Metric 7} 8/ {Metric 8}

Review the following text, and a apply a score between 1-10 for each of the above areas:

{Enter text}

❓ Why it works:

You’re being explicit on what metrics to look for and defining an output (e.g scorecard).

🗒Use cases:

  • Reviewing CVs
  • Team assessment
  • Reviewing content

4/ The Strategiser


Act as a {job title of a leading {industry} company.

You are tasked with building industry dominating {department} team.

1. Current Team Make Up

{Team make up and skills}

2. Your challenges

{Company challenges}

3. What you’ve done to address this to date

{What’s been done to date}

4. New Staff Members Joining

{Enter new joiners here}

5. Current Staff Members Leaving

{Enter leavers here}

Using the above information please provide 5 scenarios of how you might build the team moving forward whilst addressing your current challenges.

In each scenario please include:

1. {Detail A}

2. {Detail B}

3. {Detail C}

❓ Why it works:

The more context you can give, the better the response will be.

🗒 Use cases:

  • Scenario planning
  • Playing devil’s advocate
  • Defining gaps in team skills


1/ Always ask ChatGPT to act as a role + skill

2/ Give templates and examples

3/ Clearly define outputs 4/ Give context

3 Fabulous Finance Use Cases for AutoGPT

Link to original post with results here.

Prompt + Results + Feedback = Is it any good?

Use Cases:

  • Financial Benchmark Presentation for Hospitality Company
  • Financial Controller Job Advert, Salary + Onboarding plan - SaaS
  • Financial forecast for retail company + Excel instructions

1/ Benchmark presentation

🤖 Prompt

Imagine you're a CFO working the hospitality industry for an SME with 50 employees. You are new to the role and tasked with producing a set of financial benchmarks and KPIs. Please find benchmarks and KPIs for companies of you size in your industry and create a presentation to communicate your findings to non-finance professionals.

👇 Results in carousel below

💡 Thoughts

  • Great industry specific KPIs
  • Variance in benchmark results (use with caution)
  • There was an element of duplication in the tasks it created for itself
  • Overall a good starting point

2/ Recruiting an FC

🤖 Prompt

You are a Finance Director recruiting for a Financial Controller. Your company is a SaaS company of 100 employees, and you need a balance of experience, tech expertise as well as the usual hard and soft skills. Assess the job market for current salaries for a financial controller, generate a job advert for the position, and then create an onboarding plan for their entry

👇 Results in carousel below

💡 Thoughts

  • Quite a lot of confusion with more duplicate results
  • Told me it couldn't scour the job market, but then did and found a salary range
  • Onboarding plan was scattered across multiple tasks and only part completed. Same with the job advert.

3/ Financial model

🤖 Prompt

You are an FP&A pro working in the retail sector. You are tasked with generating a financial forecast for the next 12 months. Please generate an Excel workbook that can be used to produce this forecast, explaining step by step how to structure the workbook, what formulas to use in what columns as well as a description of the purpose of each formula

👇 Results in carousel below

💡 Thoughts

  • Again, issues with duplicates and some confusion
  • Some of the step by step worked well, especially the pre-steps of how to think about preparing data
  • Instructions on how to create the model were poor


1/ Benchmarking worked the best

2/ Followed by recruitment

3/ Followed by forecast

4/ Could only use ChatGPT3.5, ChatGPT-4 would have been more accurate 5/ A lot of confusion and duplication

[Note - the tool used was AgentGPT - agentgpt.reworkd[.]ai - you will need an OpenAI API paid account]

BONUS - 9 Learnings from an FP&A Pro on Why AI won’t Replace Human Gut-Feel & Experience

Link to LinkedIn post & learnings here.

Link to full podcast with Chris Reilly here.


That’s it for this week.

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