Chat with multiple AIs at once, FP&A + Excel videos, AI weekly status reports

Sep 14, 2023

1-2-3 Newsletter - Read Time - 2 Mins

Hello, and welcome to a another edition of the Tech for Finance 1-2-3 Newsletter where we have:

1. Tutorial - How to chat with multiple AIs at the same time

2. Expert resources - FP&A, Excel and modelling videos from 2 industry pros

3. Tech tools - Weekly AI status reports, connect and chat with company knowledge, generate professional headhshots.

I've recently returned from holiday, so this is a shorter newsletter than usual. Hopefully back to normal length next week.

1/ How to chat with multiple AIs at the same time

We know that life extends past ChatGPT.

But using multiple LLMs (OpenAI, Bard, Bing etc) can be laborious, especially if we're unsure which one is going to produce the best result.

MultiGPT might help you with this. You can get the extension here.

Just choose which chatbots you want to interact with in each of the sections, and then type your prompt at the bottom.

The prompt I used here is:


And this is the result it gave:


Right now, it looks like you don't need an account to use MultiGPT, but it still appears to be in early development.

As always, be careful with the data you input into tools like this.

Give it a whirl, and let me know how you get on.

2/ Expert Resources

1/ A connection on mine, Carl Seidman, recently shared his top 10 most viewed video resources in FP&A, business modeling, Excel, and financial planning.

Check them out here.


2/ Paul Barnhurst, also has a set of free educational videos on his website. on FP&A, Excel and much much more as well.

Check them out here.

3/ Tech Tools

1. InSummary - Produce weekly status reports using AI here.

2. Eesel - Connect and chat with company knowledge & apps here.

3. HeadshotPro - AI professional headshots without the photoshoot here.

IMPORTANT - Always read the data policy for any tools you try. If you’re ever unsure. Make sure your data, and any customer or supplier data is anonymised.

NOTE - I am not affiliated with any of the tools in this e-mail.

So that’s it for this week.

Until Next Time


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