How to create an AI e-mail assistant, Finance 5.0, AI whiteboard & mind mapping

Oct 05, 2023

1-2-3 Newsletter - Read Time - 3 Mins

In today's edition:

  • 1 Tutorial - How to create an AI e-mail assistant using Make

  • 2 Expert resources - Finance 5.0 - Becoming more Human, GrowCFO: A retrospective

  • 3 Tech tools - Sort an organise your prompts, AI knowledge companion, AI whiteboard and mind mapping

1/ How to create an AI e-mail assistant using Make

Don't worry, nowhere near as many screenshots this week ;)

So, in all of my experimentation, until now I'd never used AI as part of a workflow when connecting apps together.

Until I found Make (formally Integromat). Which is remarkable given what you get for free (1000 operations per month).


I get too many e-mails, and I'm worried I'm missing stuff that's important.

I therefore want AI to summarise e-mails that are filed in certain folders, and output to a Google Sheet.



  1. Trigger the automation when an e-mail lands in my 'Newsletter' Folder

  2. Use OpenAI to grab the text from the e-mail and summarise via a specific set of prompts

  3. Take the outputs and create them as new rows to provide a summary in a Google Sheet

You can see the output below.


Pretty cool eh?

How to guides

If you're wanting to give this a go yourself, there are now 2 ways you can do this.

  1. YouTube Video - Video step-by-step guide - Click here

  2. Notion Page - Written step-by-step with screenshots - Click here

There are literally limiteless possibilities with automation platforms like this, especially now we can build in AI.

What will you create?

2/ Expert Resources

1. Anders Liu Lindberg - Finance 5.0

I finally managed to get Anders on the podcast! It was a long awaited conversation titled:

"Finance 5.0 - Becoming Human Again in a Fearful Age of Tech"

We talked about:

  • Finance 5.0 and why it's important to bring the human back

  • Managing Technology Fatigue and Informed Decisions

  • Why every finance pro should become a Tech-Know

  • Effective Communication in Project Implementation

  • Critical Thinking and Stakeholder Prioritization

  • Technology's Impact on Finance Careers

  • And much much more

Don't miss this awesome conversation.

- Audio link here

- Video link here.

And don't forget to subscribe!

2. GrowCFO - A retrospective

Kevin Appleby and myself have co-starred on each others podcast. But he's way ahead of me having now recorded 150 episodes!

This page includes his top 12 episodes, as well as a special podcast episode where he looks back over 3 years of podcasting.

3/ Tech Tools

  1. QPNotes - Sort and organise your prompts - Find out more here.

  2. - Personal AI knowledge companion - Find out more here.

  3. Jeda - AI whiteboard and mind mapping - Find out more here.

IMPORTANT - Always read the data policy for any tools you try. If you’re ever unsure, make sure your data, and any customer or supplier data is anonymised (or don't use it!)

NOTE - I am not affiliated with any of the tools in this e-mail.

So that’s it for this week.

Until Next Time


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