How to use Google's Bards new AI extensions, 5 step digital acceleration framework, use ChatGPT anywhere

Sep 21, 2023

1-2-3 Newsletter - Read Time - 4 Mins

In today's edition:

1. Tutorial - How to use Bards AI Extensions

2. Expert resources - 5 step digital acceleration framework for finance, Top 10 Finance Podcasts

3. Tech tools - ChatGPT anywhere you type, Data to Charts, Create presentantations like a doc

We have a new look in this edition. Coming up to 1000 subscribers, we've changed platform. Let me know what you think!

1/ How to use Bard extensions

Google recently announced extensions for Bard, you can check out my LinkedIn update here.

You can use it to:

- Connect to apps like Flights & Maps

- Chat with your docs in Drive

- Search + summarise E-mail

- Upload & Q &A images

- Search YouTube

Here's how to set it up, plus some use cases.

Step 1 - Go to Bard

Sign in to Bard using your Google account

[Note - Not everyone has access yet so you'll have to be patient.]


Step 2 - Go to extensions and enable workspace

By default, you can't use Google Workspace with Bard as it requires permissions. So first go to extensions at the top right...


Then toggle on Google Workspace and grant permissions...


Step 3 - Chat to Bard

First I'm going to search my e-mails for a software tool I use. I use Sheild for LInkedIn analytics, but you might have another tool you use.

Prompt: "Search my e-mails, and find me ones from Sheild Intelligence."

[Important] Start your prompt with where you want Bard to search, 'Search my Drive, Ssearch my Docs, Search my Gmail etc'.


Next I want to to find out how much was on the receipt:

Prompt: "What was the amount on the last receipt e-mail (Sep16)"


Now I want to find out whether there's still value in the tool, so I'll do a quick YouTube search to find some how-to's.

Prompt: "Find me some YouTube videos on Shielf Intelligence for LinkedIn"


OK, so I'm happy there's still value in Sheild. Is there anything else I could be over-spending on?

Prompt: "Show me invoice in my Expense 23/24 folder in Google Drive"


Pretty cool eh?

Overall, some very promising stuff.

But, what you didn't see is how many attempts it took to get those outputs.

Bard still feels part complete, and it rarely gets things right first time, so don't get too bent out of shape if you can't use it just yet.

Hopefully in a few months we'll see some further improvements in the model.

2/ Expert Resources

1. 5 Step Digital Acceleration Framework for Finance

I've been working with Thinc to produce a 75 page eBook to help finance pros with their digital strategy.

It includes:

- How to set clear digital objectives

- How to optimise your existing systems

- How to upksill to get better use from them

- How to think about implementing new systems


- Decision process charts + templates

- Worksheets for you to fill out

- A 5 step one-pager

- Bonus framework

You should have baseline digital strategy in under 2 hours.

Start accelerating your digital strategy straight away.

2. Top 10 Finance Podcasts

Nicolas Boucher recently released a curated list of Finance Podcasts.

Tech for finance made the list (woohoo)

But there's also some fab other ones on there from:

- Paul Barnhurst (Financial Modelling & FP&A)

- Anders Liu Lindberg (FinanceMaster)

- Michael King (The CFO Report)

Any many many more.

Check them out here.

3/ Tech Tools

1. - Use ChatGPT anywhere you type - Find out more here.

2. ChartGen AI - Generate charts from your data using AI - Find out more here.

3. Insou - Write presentations like a doc - Find out more here.

IMPORTANT - Always read the data policy for any tools you try. If you’re ever unsure, make sure your data, and any customer or supplier data is anonymised (or don't use it!)

NOTE - I am not affiliated with any of the tools in this e-mail.

So that’s it for this week.

Until Next Time


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