Using AI to Q & A large documents, boosting cashflow, and solving data problems

Jul 28, 2023

1-2-3 Newsletter - Read Time - 4 Mins

Hello, and welcome to a another edition of the Tech for Finance 1-2-3 Newsletter where we have:

1. Tutorial - How to Q & A large documents using AI (Claude 2)

2. Expert resources - On creating finance prompts and boosting cashflow

3. Tech tools - To solve data problems, automate tasks and capture insights across the web.

1/ How to Q & A Large documents with Claude 2

Step 1 - Head over to and create an account.

Step 2 - Upload the document you want to chat with.

In these examples I'm using an industry whitepaper, and example software terms.

Step 3 - Give your prompt

Whether it's ChatGPT or Claude or Bard, I always use my 'SPICES' prompt framework which you can steal here.

Here's the result

Step 4 - Try a different document with a different prompt

In this example I'm being more specific with what I want to see with the terms.

And here's the result

You can see I've continued to chat and requested more detail. So in the same way as with ChatGPT, you can continue the conversation until you get the results that you want.

2/ Expert Resource

1. My friend Nicolas Boucher just released his FinanceGPT Google Chrome plugin that will help you to create great finance prompts each time.

You can find a short video of him presenting the extension, as well as a link to download the tool here.

2. My friends Roi and Glenn recently presented on a webinar called:

"Maximize Revenue, Minimize Costs:
Strategies to Boost Your Cash Flow and Bottom Line".

You can access the recording here.

3/ Tech Tools

1. Einblick - Solve any data problem with just one sentence - learn more here.

2. iMean - AI browser task automation - learn more here.

3. Feedly - Track insights across the web without having to read everything - learn more here.

IMPORTANT - Always read the data policy for any tools you try. If you’re ever unsure. Make sure your data, and any customer or supplier data is anonymised.

NOTE - I am not affiliated with any of the tools in this e-mail.

So that’s it for this week.

Until Next Time


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