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Attn: Progressive Finance Leaders 

Transform your team's tech skills and harness the power of AI, Automation & Code in just 30 days, even if you're not techies!


(We can work together even if you have no prior experience with these technologies)

Did you know, 70% of corporate leaders are reporting critical skills gaps in their organisation, that are negatively impacting business performance. And with technologies like AI expected to drive change in over 86% of companies, keeping up with the pace is hard! 

Here's the problem you face: Upskilling on new technologies can seem overwhelming and time consuming. Especially if your team lacks technical expertise. 

Which means you could be leaving valuable insights and efficiency gains on the table, putting your organisation at a disadvantage. And that's without thinking how quickly your competitors could be moving. 

Is this you? 👇
  • Concerned about your team's ability to adapt to the changing tech landscape 
  • Frustrated by manual, repetitive tasks that consume your team's time 
  • Struggling to leverage AI and Automation to improve productivity
  • Unsure how to integrate coding skills into your finance team's toolkit 
  • Worried about your ability to attract and retain top finance talent in the digital age 
  • Risking company data by accessing AI tools

If so, you can learn how to:  🎓
  • Identify high-impact use cases for AI, Automation & Code in finance 
  • Upskill your team quickly and efficiently, regardless of their technical background 
  • Foster a culture of continuous learning and innovation within your finance team
  • Gain a competitive edge by harnessing the latest advancements in technology
  • Arm your team with the skills and confidence to leverage these tools effectively
  • Securely manage your data throughout the entire process

Even better, you can achieve this using a combo of your existing tech plus free / low-cost tools.

$1,989 worth of tuition for...

Only $999


  • Personalised training agenda ($99) 
  • 90 Minute live AI workshop ($399) 
  • 90 Minute live Automation workshop ($399) 
  • 90 Minute live Coding workshop ($399) 
  • Guides & worksheets ($99) 
  • TOTAL: $1,395 $999


PLUS – You'll also receive 6 months FREE access to the Tech for Finance community (worth $594) and receive weekly group coaching from me to help you put principles into practise, and network with a group of your peers.

TOTAL: $1989 $999


If you're not 100% satisfied with our sessions, I will refund your money within 7 days of your last workshop. 

P.S. - My diary is filling up fast, and this is not a forever price. Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your finance team! 

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Why should you work with me? 

I'm Adam Shilton, and I've spent almost 10 years working with technology.

I have: 

  • Helped 100s of finance pros make smart tech decisions 
  • Successfully implemented complex systems in a tonne of businesses 
  • Trialled and tested 100s of different tools (so you can learn from my mistakes) 
  • Built a following of 24,500+ amazing people on LinkedIn
  • Recognised as a Top 30 Finance Influencer 
  • Recognised as a LinkedIn Top Voice 
  • I'm a Gartner Peer Community Ambassador for Finance 
  • Collaborated with finance heavyweights from companies including, Thales, Kraft Heinz, PepsiCo and The Economist, Google & Microsoft


How does it work?

  1. Click Apply to book 15 mins with me to see if we’re a fit 
  2. If we are, we’ll organise a 30 minute session to look at your current team and their skills, and develop a personalised training agenda 
  3. Week 1 – 90 minute AI workshop 
  4. Week 2 – 90 minute Automation workshop 
  5. Week 3 – 90 minute Coding workshop 


Week 1 - AI

In session one, we'll look at how to leverage AI. We'll look at how to ask AI the right questions (prompt). What you should and shouldn't be using AI for, as well as use cases you may not know existed.

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Week 2 - Automation

In session two, we'll cover all things automation. Using the tools you may already have access to, as well as low-code low cost platforms. We'll put you in a position to start free up time to create more value.

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Week 3 - Code

If you've written an Excel formula you've already written code. We'll take you to the next level to help you automate even further with simple AI powered coding frameworks. Plus a lot of the easy coding tools are free!

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Common concerns:

  • "We've never used either AI, Automation or Code before" - That's fine, no prior tech experience required. All you need is an appetite to learn.
  • "We're crazy busy, can we find the time?" - Of course, we'll be flexible and organise the sessions around you. They're only 90 minutes and make for a great lunch and learn!
  • "I've heard that AI isn't secure." In some cases, this is true. But I only use super secure tools, and will walk you through how to stay safe.
  • "The team is resistant to change." - I get it, but we'll make things fun. By the end of our sessions people will want to change!
  • "I'm struggling to see the use cases right now." - At the end of sessions you won't be! We'll walk step by step through the use cases of all of these technologies, and how they can be applied in your finance team.
  • "We're already overspending on technology." - No problem. The plan isn't to increase your spend. You can start for free with many of the platforms we use. If anything, you may end up improving the return on your current spend.
  • "I'm unsure the team will ACTUALLY adopt these new technologies." - OK. We can put an adoption plan in place after your workshops. PLUS, you'll have access to the Tech for Finance Community. We're all in this together!

Are you ready to get going?

$1,989 worth of tuition for...

Just $999


  • Personalised training agenda ($99) 
  • 90 minute personalised AI workshop ($399) 
  • 90 minute personalised Automation workshop ($399) 
  • 90 minute personalised Coding workshop ($399) 
  • Guides & worksheets ($99) 
  • BONUS - Tech for Finance  for 6 months ($594)
  • TOTAL: $1,989 $999


Remember. If you're not 100% satisfied with our sessions, I will refund your money within 7 days of your last workshop. 

P.S. Once again. Spots are filling up fast, and this is not a forever price. Don't miss this opportunity to future-proof your finance team! 

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