TFF #022 - How to Create Your Own FP&A Tool with ChatGPT Plugins

TFF #022 - How to Create Your Own FP&A Tool with ChatGPT Plugins

1-2-3 Newsletter - Read Time - 3 Mins

Hello, and welcome to a another edition of the Tech for Finance Newsletter where we have:

  • 1 Tutorial on how to use Noteable as an FP&A tool with ChatGPT
  • 2 Expert resources on FP&A & ChatGPT
  • 3 Tech tools for you to chat to your data, power up your sheets and manage your tasks

1/ How to use Noteable as an FP&A tool with ChatGPT

Step 1 - Sign up for a Noteable account (it’s free) on this link.

Step 2 - Install the ChatGPT plugin using the instructions here. Note, this requires the paid version of ChatGPT

Step 3 - Create a new project in Noteable:

Step 4: Upload data to your project:

Step 5: Connect to your project by pasting your project URL into ChatGPT with the Noteable Plugin enabled.


Step 6: Ask ChatGPT to create a new notebook to visualise the data in your document, and provide the document name:

Step 7: Continue to Chat to ChatGPT until you get the results you want.


  • You can find my full conversation with ChatGPT here (along with the troubleshooting)
  • And you can find a link to the data and Noteable project here.

2/ Expert Resources

1. [Post] The above was inspired by my friend Glenn Hopper who took the above a step further. You can find links to all of his projects in his post here. Originally he did it all using ChatGPT alone to create Python code. That took him about 11 hours. He managed to do the same thing in Noteable in 30 minutes.

2. [Post] Prompting has just got hotter with my new and updated ‘SPICES’ prompt framework. Scenario, Profile, Information, Command, Example and Structure. You can find the full breakdown in this post from earlier on this week.

3/ Tech Tools

1. Cody - Create a chat bot based on your data - Find out more here.

2. Arcwise - An AI powered copilot for Google Sheets - Find out more here.

3. - AI powered task and project management tool - Find out more here.

So that’s it for this week.

Until next time.



P.S - The ‘The Ultimate GPT Framework for Finance: ChatGPT, AutoGPT, Python & Beyond” is now HERE. Use the discount code NEWS25 to get 25% off your copy.

“This guide is pure gold!!! Adam did such a great job walking through how to go from basic to great prompts to get outstanding output from ChatGPT. I particularly love the examples he used to show what kind of technical and non-technical decisions ChatGPT can support for finance and accounting current and aspiring leaders.” 5/5 Stars

Wassia Kamon | CPA, CMA, MBA (Vice President & Corporate Controller)

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