TFF #019 - How to use Google Bard with Wolfram Alpha

TFF #019 - How to use Google Bard with Wolfram Alpha

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Hello, and welcome to a another edition of the Tech for Finance Newsletter with a slightly new 1,2,3 format:

  • 1 Tutorial
  • 2 Updates
  • 3 Tech Tool

This Week

  • 1 Tutorial - How to use Google Bard with Wolphram Alpha
  • 2 Updates - Lighting the fire AI Roundtable + How to Leverage Tech to Find Top Talent
  • 3 Tech Tools - Toliman AI, Sheetplus & Xero AI

1/ How to use Bard with Wolfram Alpha:

If you’ve not heard of Bard to date, you haven’t missed out on much. The only edge it’s had over ChatGPT is that it’s connected to the internet. That said, I would have always recommended you use Bing Chat instead (as it uses ChatGPT in the background)

Either way, there was some exciting news this week as Google have announced plugins for Bard.

So, very simply, you can ask Bard what it integrates with, so yesterday, I asked it whether it worked with Wolfram Alpha.

I was keen to see how this would work, as ChatGPT can be poor when it comes to complex calculations and accuracy of numbers.

I got this response.

You’ll also see I asked it to give me 3 prompts for how to use it with Wolfram Alpha. It have some great examples.


Today when I asked it the same question:

So, I don’t know whether it was a premature accidental release, or whether it’s just a bug today.

Either way, hopefully, in the coming days, and weeks, you should be able to use Bard with integrations like Wolfram Alpha.

2/ Updates

We were lucky enough to have 3 previous podcast guests on the Tech for Finance podcast recently. We talked about everything from speed to change, to how people can start adopting AI without becoming overwhelmed. A must listen for anyone interested to hear from a panel of industry experts.

Released TODAY, this exclusive interview with Craig (VP of Finance & Ops) at Arctic Shores was an eye opener. We discuss how traditional recruitment models may no longer work, and how applicants are giving businesses the runaround with modern tech and AI to ‘cheat the system’. A must listen for anyone actively involved in hiring and wanting to stay ahead of the curve.

If you’re looking to learn more from industry experts - Subscribe to the Tech for Finance Podcast here, and the YouTube channel here.

3/ Tech Tools

[Note - I am not yet affiliated with any of the below tools]

1. Toliman AI - An AutoGPT type tool to help you with your research

2. Sheetplus - Use AI to write Google Sheets + Excel formulas 10x faster

3. Xero AI - Not to be confused with Xero Accounting - This platform allows you to us AI to develop Machine Learning models from your data

BONUS - This week I posted about 9 Excel Tools for Finance Pros. Find the post here.

[Note - If you’re experimenting with any tools, always make sure to check up on the data protection policies of each platform and always think twice before sharing or uploading sensitive data]

That’s it for this week, look forward to catching up soon.


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