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15 Productivity Boosting Questions to Help You Master 5 Mental Games

If you’re looking to improve your productivity, questions are a great way to help you think a little differently about how you can become more effective.

🧠 Mental Game 1 - Learning to say NO

1/ Does this request support my goals & objectives?

2/ Am I the best person to be doing this?

3/ What would happen if I delayed responding, or forgot about this?

🧠 Mental Game 2 - Decision Fatigue

4/ What of my tasks are likely to have the maximum impact?

5/ Which tasks will I learn from, grow from, or generate value from?

6/ What takes up most of my headspace in moments of introspection?

🧠 Mental Game 3 - Distraction

7/ What would happen if I turned off ALL my notifications?

8/ How do I tidy up my physical desk and computer desktop?

9/ What would happen if I committed 90 minutes of deep work to one task at a time?

🧠 Mental Game 4 - Procrastination / Lack of Motivation

10/ How do I split this down into smaller more enjoyable tasks?

11/ How do I re-energise myself? Can I move my body, take a break, do something playful?

12/ How do I re-frame this so that when I do this work, I visualise achieving my goals?

🧠 Mental Game 5 - Perfectionism

13/ Would 80% perfect be good enough?

14/ Is that little voice in my head downplaying the quality of my work?

15/ When I relax a bit, does the quality of my work improve?


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