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TFF #009 - How Tech Can Help Boost Your Finance Career + Thoughts on a Continuous Close

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And welcome to a slightly different edition of the Tech for Finance newsletter where we’re bringing you some tips from the podcasts we released this week:

They are:

1/ Episode 013 - Angel Lam - Founder at JumpUp - How Tech Can Help Boost Your Finance Career

2/ Episode 012 - Kevin Appleby - COO at GrowCFO - 2023 Finance & Tech Predictions - Is a Continuous Close Possible?

Angel Lam

Angel is Founder of JumpUp and spends her time helping aspiring finance pros become CFO ready leaders.

Her tips for your LinkedIn profile:

  • Optimise your LinkedIn profile with a maximum of 15 skills

  • You can find out how to add skills here.

  • Make sure they’re related to your past 2 job roles

  • Include the detail behind the projects you’ve worked on, including any tech implementations that you’ve led

The above makes you easier to find, and more attractive to future employers

Her tips for software projects:

  • Seek out tech projects where you can

  • Form a bridge between your technical team and the rest of the business

  • Use the opportunity to sharpen your communication and project skills

This will also make you more desirable if you’ve a demonstrated history of managing change.

For the full podcast where we cover the above and more, click here

You can also connect with Angel here

Kevin Appleby

Kevin is the COO at GrowCFO and also hosts their podcast. He spends his time ensuring GrowCFO become the number one think-tank for the CFO professional.

His tips for software assessments:

  • Actively seek out your equivalent in other companies to see what they’re using

  • Make sure your team are ready for change before embarking on any big projects

  • Join the GrowCFO Slack community where there’s a channel dedicated to tech advice

His thoughts on a continuous close

  • This is a problem that’s been around for 20 years.

  • Modern tools are building in AI to help with repetitive tasks to speed up the process

  • But this won’t help if the reason for delays is because you’re waiting on other people

For the full podcast where we cover the above and more, click here

Connect with Kevin here, and send him or GrowCFO a message to request access to the Slack channel, it’s free for members.

That’s it for today

Look forward to catching up again soon


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