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TFF #014 - The Top 10 Posts & Podcasts

Read Time - 2 Mins

Hello, and welcome to a shorter edition of the Tech for Finance Newsletter.

With it being the Easter weekend I’ll be brief.

This week I celebrated 10,000 LinkedIn followers!


Here’re the top 10 LinkedIn posts from this year, AND, the top 10 Tech for Finance Podcast Episodes.

The Top 10 - LinkedIn Posts

  1. Finance - Efficiency vs Productivity vs Effectiveness

  2. Finance Pros - STOP guessing how to use ChatGPT

  3. Finance - There’s an army of bots after your job

  4. What does your transformation look like?

  5. Finance activities you CAN and CAN’T automate

  6. ChatGPT vs BARD vs Bing

  7. Finance Jobs - Past vs Future

  8. Finance - Cash is KING

  9. 3 Killer Finance Soft Skills Posts from Last Week

  10. 3 Finance Hard Skills All-Stars You Need to Follow

The Top 10 - Podcasts

  1. Chris Bell - Creating a Junior Accountant Using AI

  2. Nicolas Boucher - Why Your Problem Isn’t Your Tools

  3. Soufyan Hamid - How to Present Like Netflix and Make Finance Addictive

  4. Chris Ortega - How to Build a Future-Focused Finance Foundation + ChatGPT

  5. Christian Frantz Hansen - How to Create Impact as a Finance Business Partner

  6. Glenn Hopper – Moving Finance from Mindless to Mindful Work Using AI + ChatGPT-4

  7. Howard Tunnicliffe - Subscriptions, Storytelling & Soft Skills

  8. Kevin Appleby – GrowCFO – 2023 Finance & Tech Predictions – Is a Continuous Close Possible?

  9. Christian Martinez - How Finance Can Augment Intelligence using Generative AI

  10. Dante Healy - How to Lead a Successful Finance Transformation Project

Thank you to everyone for your support during the journey so far.

Look forward to staying in touch!

If Tech and AI are a priority for you right now. I’ve 2 things that might help:

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