TFF #007 - How to use AI to Rehearse Your PowerPoint Presentations

TFF #007 - How to use AI to Rehearse Your PowerPoint Presentations

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Welcome to another edition of the Tech for Finance newsletter where we’re looking at how you can use AI to rehearse your PowerPoint presentations, using the 'Presenter Coach' tool.

Soufyan Hamid - The Presentation King, talked about 5 building blocks that make presentations engaging in our recent discussion.

1. Analysis – Focusing on what’s important and actionable

2. Big Message – What do you want people to remember?

3. Teasers – Keep people wanting more throughout.

4. Rehearse – For important meetings, make sure you practise!

5. Deliver – Think about how to look, engage and pace yourself.

This newsletter will look at the tools you can use for number 4, that’ll improve your number 5.

For the full podcast with Soufyan - How to Present like Netflix and Make Finance Addictive - click here.

So how do we do it?

If your presentation isn’t mega important, and you just want to polish up your timing. All you need to do is click on Slideshow > Rehearse Timings

But if REALLY want to up your presentation game, we’d suggest using the ‘Presenter Coach’ feature. It's powered by AI, and will give you live feedback, as well as a rehearsal summary!

Depending on your version of PowerPoint, you may need to open your presentation in PowerPoint for Web (this is where it was originally developed) but there is now a preview version in PowerPoint desktop which I’m using here.

When you click the button for the first time you’ll see this.

And once you click ‘Got it’, you’ll see this in the bottom right.

And then when you start rehearsing you’ll see feedback like this:

And then once you’re done you’ll get a report like this:

Here’s why this is a game changer for me:

1. I can’t often tell when I’m speaking too quickly. So having live feedback on pace is super useful.

2. When I’m tired, my pitch variation goes down, and I become more monotone. So being prompted to increase variation is great.

3. If I’m too reliant on my slides, it’ll tell me if I’m reading from them too much.

4. And lastly, the BIG issue for me is filler words. I cannot be prompted enough to kick this habit so permanent notifications on when I’m doing it are ace.

And then the reports…

  • Seeing your pitch variation over time will point towards the slides you’re most and least engaged with.
  • Seeing your pace over time will point towards the slides you’re less confident in (you’ll end up speaking quicker to get through).
  • Seeing the slides you’re reading most heavily from will allow you to re-structure your spiel.
  • Seeing other prompts, like repetitive language, will then help you produce a more engaging script.



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